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Steps how to implement multiple language in Cake PHP

 Step 1: Set the route configuration in app/Config/routes.php               // i.e like
              Router::connect('/:language/:controller/:action/*',array(),array('language' => '[a-z]{3}'));

 Step 2: Set the config language in app/Config/core.php
            Configure::write('Config.language', 'eng');

 Step 3: create Helper in app/View/Helper/NewHtmlHelper.php
           App::uses('HtmlHelper', 'View/Helper');
           class NewHtmlHelper extends HtmlHelper {
                  public function url($url = null, $full = false) {
                  if(!isset($url['language']) && isset($this->params['language'])) {
                       $url['language'] = $this->params['language'];
                  return parent::url($url, $full);
 Step 4: Now change code in AppController app/Controller/AppController.php 
           class AppController extends Controller {
                   var $components = array('Session', 'Cookie');
                   public $helpers = array('Html' => array('className' => 'NewHtml'));
                   public function beforeFilter() {

                private function _setLanguage() {
                       //if the cookie was previously set, and Config.language has not been set
                     //write the Config.language with the value from the Cookie
                    if($this->Cookie->read('lang') && !$this->Session->check('Config.language')) {
                             $this->Session->write('Config.language', $this->Cookie->read('lang'));
                          }else if ( isset($this->params['language']) && ($this->params['language'] !=        $this->Session->read('Config.language'))) {
        //then update the value in Session and the one in Cookie
            $this->Session->write('Config.language', $this->params['language']);
            $this->Cookie->write('lang', $this->params['language'], false, '20 days');

        //override redirect
        public function redirect( $url, $status = NULL, $exit = true ) {
            if (!isset($url['language']) && $this->Session->check('Config.language')) {
                $url['language'] = $this->Session->read('Config.language');

Step 5: Now add the code in layout
<?php    echo $this->Html->link('English', array('language' => 'eng'));
            echo $this->Html->link('France', array('language' => 'fra')); ?>

        Suppose you want to change following code
                <li><?php echo __('Send') ?></li>
                <li><?php echo __('Reply') ?></li>
                <li><?php echo __('Forward') ?></li>
               <li><?php echo __('Delete') ?></li>
Step 6: Make default.po file in Locale
           i.e app\Locale\eng\LC_MESSAGES\default.po
                  put code inside it
                 msgid "Send"
                 msgstr "Send"

                 msgid "Reply"
                 msgstr "Reply"

                msgid "Forward"
                msgstr "Forward"

                msgid "Delete"
                msgstr "Delete"

           i.e app\Locale\fra\LC_MESSAGES\default.po
                 put code inside it
                msgid "Send"
                msgstr "Envoyer"

                msgid "Reply"
                msgstr "RĂ©ponse"

               msgid "Forward"
               msgstr "Vers l'avant"

               msgid "Delete"
               msgstr "Supprimer"

Note: Where msgid is key and msgstr is value


  1. so how operating system understands all these languages simultanously sir???

    1. IN these it will changes the word you want to change. It not depend upon operating system.
      Conversion depend upon po file on key basic


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