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Join 3 tables in codeigniter

Join in codeigniter Join 3 tables by codeigniter $query = ee()->db->select(',b.rec_date,b.status,b.member_id, b.merchant_name, b.order_number, b.shipping_company, b.tracking_number,b.optional_service, b.inspected, c.first_name, c.last_name, c.mailbox_number,d.group_title as membership') ->from('exp_incoming_order b') ->order_by('','desc') ->join('exp_members c', 'b.member_id=c.member_id and '.$whereCond) ->join('exp_member_groups d', 'd.group_id=c.group_id') ->limit($this->perpage, $rownum) ->get();

Google login Api with php

How to create Google login Step: 1 Go to this url Step 2: Create a project Step 3: Enter the project name Step 4: Now on google+ api Step 5: Now click on credentials and click on create new id Step 6: Enter the redirect url Now put this code in header <?php $response_type1 = "code"; $client_id1 = ""; $redirect_uri1 = ""; $scope1 = ""; //$scope = ""; $state1 = "access"; ?> <script type="text/javascript"> function student_google_login(){"<?php echo $response_type1;?>&client_id=<?php echo $client