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How To Create Shortcodes In WordPress

We can create own shortcode by using its predified hooks add_shortcode( 'hello-world', 'techsudhir_hello_world_shortcode' ); 1. Write the Shortcode Function Write a function with a unique name, which will execute the code you’d like the shortcode to trigger: function techsudhir_hello_world_shortcode() {    return 'Hello world!'; } Example: [hello-world] If we were to use this function normally, it would return Hello world! as a string 2. Shortcode function with parameters function techsudhir_hello_world_shortcode( $atts ) {    $a = shortcode_atts( array(       'name' => 'world'    ), $atts );    return 'Hello ' . $a['name'] . !'; } Example: [hello-world name="Sudhir"] You can also call shortcode function in PHP using do_shortcode function Example: do_shortcode('[hello-world]');