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Simple JavaScript Object and Class Examples

In JavaScript, most things are objects. An object is a collection of related data and/or functionality Namespace: Everything you create in JavaScript is by default global. In JavaScript namespace is Global object . How to create a namespace in JavaScript? Create one global object, and all variables, methods, and functions become properties of that object. Example:  // global namespace var MYAPP = MYAPP || {}; Explaination: Here we first checked whether MYAPP is already defined.If yes, then use the existing MYAPP global object, otherwise create an empty object called MYAPP How to create sub namespaces? // sub namespace MYAPP.event = {}; Class JavaScript is a prototype-based language and contains no class statement.JavaScript classes create simple objects and deal with inheritance. Example: var Person = function () {}; Explaination: Here we define a new class called Person with an empty constructor. Use the class keyword class Calculation {}; A class expressi